Production services

Everything you need to make everybody happy.

Audio mixing

Bringing all the elements together is a balancing act, and we’re always in step with your creative desires and project demands. Blending technical expertise and artistic talent, we deliver the right emotional tone to resonate with your audience and maximize the venue.

Custom music & editing

Do you need a fresh track? We can create it from scratch. Do you have a track you like but isn’t kicking up dust? We can liven it up with edits and add-ons to make it shine in all the right spots.


We can advise you on best way to approach your audio capture on site. Our 30 years of live sound experience can help you make decisions that will improve your audio before it goes to post. That includes music recording.

Voice Over

We’re experts at capturing the human voice, and refining it to fit the flow, the mood and your story line. Our expert ears help you pick out that perfect keeper take, as well.

sound design

FX: Unnatural or supernatural, hear it in your head? We’ll build it into the bed.

  • Nat Sound/Foley: Create a richer track by replacing the original sound or augmenting existing audio.
  • Atmospheres: Set the tone and the scene with audio that puts you in the moment.
  • Musical Sound Design: Blend a musical element in with the track that accents your visual.

Let’s Make People Happy.

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Why clients love BIASMIX:

"Dave’s musicianship, technical savvy, sense of humor and supreme intelligence make every project better than it deserves to be. Seriously, it’s almost irritating how good he is."

Paul Carlson


"David J Russ is a total PRO. With great ideas, limitless gear and nimble editing fingers. He's a multi-instrumental whiz, a peerless vocalist, easy to work with, encouraging, supportive....all that, and reasonable rates too....what's not to like?"

Dan Israel

Recording Artist

"BiasMix has great gear and rooms, but the real frosting on this cake is the talent, professionalism, and kindness of it’s owner/operator David J. Russ”

Michael W. Nelson


"Recording in Dave's studio was one of the best recording experiences I've had and it was evident in the final product. I loved what I took home with me. I am my own biggest critic, so if I think I sounded good it was probably better than that."

Karen Skaja

Recording Artist

Dave Russ is a joy to work with. Always diligent and meticulous, he elevates every project he works on. Dave will advocate for his ideas but acquiesce when he must. I also know that if I can’t supervise the session, Dave will get me exactly what I need to finish my project, delivered promptly and retrieved easily. I’ve said it before and I will say it here-

No fuss, no muss? Call DJ Russ.

OK.  I’ve never said that.                That sounds like he’s a plumber.


Dave Clements

Content Creator, Freelance Producer

"Dave Russ is a virtual warehouse of knowledge and a seemingly endless resource for musicians and artists of all stripes. BiasMix is the 'go to' center for rehearsing, recording, editing music and mixing for music and post. If you need any help with your creative project bIAS is the first (and only) call you need to make."

Randy Casey

Recording Artist

"Cool sounds, cool vibe, and working with Dave is always a creative and professional experience. He gets your project done on time and complete with perfectly mediocre jokes, a great hang."

Scarbelly Music

Production/Publishing, Los Angeles

I used "BiasMix" for the first time this year and had a wonderful experience. David completed mixing each song in the exact time he estimated and I came in under budget, which has never happened to me before with any recording project! My songs were very voice heavy, Dave, being an accomplished singer himself, did a fantastic job with the vocals. I am looking forward to working at "BiasMix" again soon and would highly recommend it.

Katie McMahon

Recording Artist, (Original lead singer from the Riverdance Show)